the magic sleigh bell

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     W. Peter Elliott initially wrote The Magic Sleigh Bell as a way to celebrate the birth of his first child in 1994. It was also intended to someday serve as a means of teaching some of his family Christmas traditions to his child. Encouraged by family and friends who read the story to try to have it published, Peter began a challenging adventure to bring The Magic Sleigh Bell to a larger audience. The pending birth of his second son in 1996 was the catalyst to take a chance and publish the story himself. As a longtime Christmas buff, Peter wanted to produce a book that he, himself, would be interested in buying. Finally, after months of preparation and a few sleepless nights, the first printing was ready, and a test-marketing of the book was implemented in the Kingston area during the 1996 Christmas season.

Sales were far beyond expectations, astounding local retailers as The Magic Sleigh Bell became the top-selling Christmas book for the year. The amazing response was much more than local support for a local author and resulted in the decision to proceed with a second printing and wider distribution for the 1997 Christmas season. But the most rewarding aspect was the tremendous word of mouth from children, parents, grandparents, educators, retailers and the media. It confirmed Peter's belief that his story of fun, family and traditional Christmas folklore held great appeal for everyone who enjoys the magic of Christmas, regardless of their age.

Expanding its network of retailers for Christmas 1997, The Magic Sleigh Bell was available across Canada and throughout the New England states in Christmas collectible stores. During the Christmas season, it was also on sale at selected regional bookstores, once again surprising everyone as it became one of the top-selling Christmas books in Montreal, Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

Christmas 1998 was a busy season as The Magic Sleigh Bell was now available at Canada's major book retailers (another remarkable achievement for a self-published and self-distributed book) in the Southern Ontario market, including Toronto. With over 30 signing events during November and December, the response was very positive; and by the end of the holiday season, The Magic Sleigh Bell had achieved Best Seller status in Canada.

The Magic Sleigh Bell was also available at Christmas collectible stores across Canada, in Australia and from coast to coast in the United States. Readers around the globe relate to its timeless, heart-warming story of a struggling family which takes place in a generic location that experiences snowfall. Now with distribution through on-line book retailers and especially through eBook providers, The Magic Sleigh Bell will continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of Christmas enthusiasts for generations to come.

The Magic Sleigh Bell has overcome great odds to attain its Best Seller status. By conquering the challenges confronting independently published books, it has proven to be an exception to the rule. Under the direction of the author, the marketing of this enchanting novella is being accomplished with a unique enthusiasm and dedication. His goal is simple... to ensure that everyone who loves Christmas knows about The Magic Sleigh Bell.

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