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C H A P T E R     O N E

Snow Flake 

The Discovery 

T here was definitely something out of place in the string of lights above the garage. "A red one, a clear one. A red one, a clear one. A red one, a red one! Ah-hah!" exclaimed Natalie to no one in particular. "Two red ones in a row." She would have to point this out to Mr. and Mrs. Tremblay the next time she saw them.
      All the neighbourhood homes were adorned with decorative lighting.
      Except hers.
      Even though it was now well into December, the autumn clean-up chores of her family's home were only being finished today.
      She was supposed to be helping her brother and father rake up the leaves, but it was more fun to admire everyone else's holiday decorations. Christmas and all its festivities had been first and foremost in her mind for the past couple of weeks.
      "Hey, Dad! Are we finished or what?" cried out her 10-year-old brother, Travis, his cheeks rosy with youthful enthusiasm.


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