the magic sleigh bell

J.C. - CBC RADIO - Host
     "...a delightful Christmas tale!"

F.M. - Internationally known pianist and recording artist
     "...I read with delight - I shall pass it on to my daughter for the grand kids..."

J.M. - CBC TV Newsworld - Host
     "...a nice little Christmas book... a happily-ever-after book."

C.M. - CTV CJOH - Co-anchor
     "It's a wonderful tale... a great story."

D.M. - Curriculum resources teacher
     "I would strongly recommend that for every family and every school,
     Christmas includes The Magic Sleigh Bell."

S.S.C - Mother of a 5-year-old boy
    "...Your ability to write a Christmas story that could appeal to a parent,
     as well as a 5-year-old little boy, is quite remarkable...a good addition to our
     Christmas book will likely become part of my family's holiday
     tradition for years to come...Thank you for such a beautiful story and for
     keeping the spirit of Christmas alive."

S.A. - Christmas collectible retailer
     "It is the best new Christmas story I have read in a long time."

Typical responses from children, parents, students, grandparents, educators
and retailers who have already enjoyed The Magic Sleigh Bell.

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