the magic sleigh bell

story outline

     The Magic Sleigh Bell is a delightful Christmas novella which tells the story a young brother and sister who find a tiny bell while raking the leaves. The 7-year-old sister believes the bell must have fallen from Santa's sleigh and rolled down their roof. Her 10-year-old brother, however, is at that age when he's not sure if he still believes. The discovery marks the beginning of their efforts to get their struggling family into the Christmas spirit.

     The story unfolds as the children find out who is right and who is wrong and where the bell really came from. Young readers, especially, delight in the aspect of the story which features Santa Claus and the elves. But it's not just a children's book, as it also deals with the brother and sister's family and community and their Christmas traditions. It's an old-fashioned celebration which adults (parents and grandparents) find they can enjoy from a different perspective than their children.

     The Magic Sleigh Bell is a fun, family oriented story with a touch of suspense and a very happy ending which joyfully reinforces a belief in Santa Claus. Easily read in under two hours by an adult, it makes a nice "sit by the fireplace and get into the Christmas spirit" kind of book. It is also divided into four chapters, and each of these is again divided into smaller, "snowflake" sections. If it is being shared with or read by youngsters, it can be easily enjoyed by reading a section or two at bedtime in the days leading up to Christmas.

     The Magic Sleigh Bell is for Christmas enthusiasts from 6 to 106 years old. It makes a wonderful addition to any collection of Christmas books. Its simple homage to established secular Christmas folklore has a timeless quality which will make it a holiday tradition for years to come.

     Now a Best Seller, The Magic Sleigh Bell, by W. Peter Elliott, has achieved unique status in the Canadian publishing industry. This is even more remarkable considering it is a self-published, seasonal title by an unknown, first-time author. With mostly limited regional exposure, the amazing success of The Magic Sleigh Bell is a direct result of the enthusiastic response from children, parents, grandparents, educators and retailers.

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